Reclaiming my public, digital identity

Hello there! You, reading this. Hi. It feels a little weird, writing this. Most of the time, when I read a blogpost, it summarizes an idea, or a topic. This post is a little different: It’s more of a declaration.

I’m taking my public, digital identity back from social media services.

I’m doing this for a number of reasons. I want to share ideas I’ve sat on, because I believed them unworthy. I want to invest more in letting the public know about me as a creative person. I don’t like the idea that Facebook owns my thoughts if their service is the first place I choose to share them.

That’s not to say I’m abandoning social media services – that would be taking myself too seriously. I still love the idea of ambient intimacy, and I’m still trying hard to believe that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I’ll need a place to talk about the silly things that aren’t important, but we all love talking about anyway.

But I also believe in the central premise of The Information Diet. You are what you eat. This includes information consumption. Sometimes, life throws subtle reminders my way that I’ve consumed a lot of information that not everyone else has – not because they’re lazy, or disinterested, but because we all have our eyes going in different directions at all times. I can’t explain why I know the random things I know any better than you can. But when it comes to things like creativity, design, typography, coding, and music, I think a blog is a good place to at least try.

So, here we go. I hope this change works out better for everybody!